Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Itchy & Scratchy Show play for Healing Hands for Haiti Fundraiser

Team Canada Healing Hands for Haiti – Written By Angela Thompson

Team Canada Healing Hands is a non-profit organization working in many developing countries to deliver physical medicine and rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities. On October 23 at the Acton Legion in Acton Ontario they held a fundraiser to raise money to help Earthquake victims in Haiti. Thousands of people have been affected and misplaced. The need for financial aid and volunteers to help rebuild the devastated country cannot come fast enough. I attended the event and the support was amazing. Door prizes, 50/50 draws and countless silent auction items all for one purpose, to raise money fast. It was a party with great Entertainment provided by The Itchy and Scratchy show a very popular band within the GTA  www.itchyscratchyshow.ca  incredible food and plenty of dancing. Although the party was hopping and everyone was having a great night it certainly didn’t escape anyone’s thoughts the reason they all came together. In some way it was a celebration, that’s what I took from it. A celebration of life, a life that brought so many kind hearts together in order to change the lives of those so far away that desperately need to be touched by Healing Hands for Haiti.
Someone asked me the other day where the money raised for such causes really goes, who can depend on it and how important is it really to donate, Let me break it down for you.
Healing Hands for Haiti is an International Foundation that was established in 1999 and it’s goal has been to provide physical medicine and rehabilitation services by deploying and creating facilities and medical teams to clinics and hospitals on a need basis. They offer training and support to Haitians in rehabilitation medicine, nursing, therapy, establishing outpatient therapy programs as well as cultivating sustainable revenue and partnerships ensuring the future of medical and rehabilitation services delivered by Haitians in Haiti. Including services and programs for just about any ailment from Spinal Cord Injury to Orphanage support programs. Since the earthquake of January 12 2010 they have also began caring for both newly and previously disabled.
Since 1999 more than 500 rehabilitation medical teams have been deployed, more than 10,000 volunteers have served in many different capacities, 20 orphanages aided with medical, therapy and educational programs and the list goes on.
When you make a donation you are contributing to a way of life and you are changing lives and making it a reality for those who volunteer their time and leave their families and lives behind to open their hearts and make it happen. Lets help these incredible people make a difference.
Eric Doubt is the Executive Director of Healing Hands International and for his team and the people of Haiti they really do appreciate and recognize the generosity of the people of North America. Contact Eric if you would like to know more about how you can make difference or get involved at www.healinghandsforhaiti.org
CHECK OUT SOME OF THE PICTURES FROM THIS VERY WORTHY EVENT!  see more at the band website gallery.

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